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Goodbye Cramps.

Introducing our NEW menstrual relief remedies.

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Go With The Flow

    Now you can soothe period symptoms with naturally-sourced ingredients like turmeric, ginger and hemp-derived CBD.

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  • CBD shows promising natural anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve menstrual cycle symptoms
  • Turmeric reduces period cramps and balances behavior and mood symptoms
  • Ginger aides in anti-nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and significantly reduces severity of PMS symptoms
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“This product was quite literally life-changing.”

— Stephanie


“My body really appreciated the extra help!"

— Chelsea


" I didn't think that I'd see results as quickly as I did but I noticed that I got substantially more relaxed and calmer after taking Flow"

— Rachael


"I felt less anxious and moody while consuming the tablets."

— Julie

We make periods feel pretty.

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