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What Our Customers are Saying …

” New products continue to flood the market, each one promising women a natural alternative to their usual pharmaceutical remedies. “

” My gastroparesis flare-ups have been particularly gnarly lately – but I found a product that’s helped 10x more than anything I’ve tried in the past. I was originally gifted a week’s dose of Flow Formula by Maxine Morgan, but after just 7 days of use, I plan to re-purchase regularly. It’s a combination of CBD, turmeric, and ginger – and it literally “cured” me of all symptoms during “that time of the month.” If you have any sort of tummy issues, I would check this out right away! “

” I had two pills each day of my cycle with a large glass of water, and it was like pushing the “mute” button on my period. It was all still happening … unfortunately … but the dull pains and aches became almost nonexistent. “