Period Cramp Relief: How Hemp, turmeric, and ginger help relieve menstrual cycle symptoms and PMS symptoms.

Are you looking for how to period pain immediately? You don’t have to look any further; these three ingredients will provide relief during and after your period. Hemp, Turmeric, and ginger are potent ingredients used for providing relief for period cramps.


Those painful period cramps can greatly affect any woman’s quality of life for many days. During the menstruation cycle, there is nothing you will like more than to just lie down and hope that the pain subsides. Although, most days you are not that lucky. Ginger is one ingredient that can give you comfort in such times since it contains strong therapeutic properties.

Period cramps are symptoms that generally accompany menstruation, and they often surface days before the menstruation. Generally, people that experience severe pain may have a medical condition known as dysmenorrhea, which signifies complications in the uterus or pelvic organs.

Ginger is not just proficient in providing relief from swelling and pain; it has an uncanny ability in providing period relief and PMS relief.

If you are experiencing nausea and an upset stomach during menstruation, ginger can treat it for you. A good product to use for your period cramps, menstrual cycle symptoms and PMS symptoms, would be a product that has ginger as one of its major ingredients.


Turmeric is well renowned for its anti-inflammatory potency and has been used for numerous years for different therapeutic purposes like arthritis, diabetes, and cold. The main content of turmeric is a compound called curcumin – this compound supports the natural healing process of the body and increases the production for glutathione (vital for detoxification).

During menstruation, a lot of women experience a heightened level of inflammation (especially towards the end of the cycle and the first bleeding days). At this point in the menstruation cycle, breast enlargement, cramping, acne, bloating and mood swings are the order of the day.

The cells that line the walls of the uterus produce certain compounds known as prostaglandins – these compounds promote inflammations in the female body. As the menstruation cycle runs its course, prostaglandins are discharged into the bloodstream, and this can lead to vomiting, pelvic cramping, diarrhea, and migraines.

Using turmeric during the course of the menstrual cycle will help reduce these inflammations, thereby providing period relief for the pains associated with these inflammations. If you are looking for how to stop period pain naturally, turmeric is your best bet.


Hemp offers a lot of therapeutic benefits, and it is very effective in reducing inflammations in the body. This characteristic makes potent in providing quick and immediate period relief during menstruation. It also helps with the headaches, nausea and other menstruation symptoms and PMS symptoms. Hemp products for cramps are what helps period cramps go away fast.

Each of these ingredients will stop period pain naturally, but for faster relief, you might want to get a product that contains the three of them. We have a product that contains these three ingredients and will make period cramps go away fast.