Ariel's Story

O’Jolly Hormones,

I would never be prepared for the role birth control would play in my life. In my early 20’s my beautiful body went through puberty again because I made a minor change of the brand of birth control I was using. It was obvious I had a hormonal imbalance because I was gaining weight uncontrollably, rockets were exploding on my face, and I developed temporary depression.

Hormonal birth control affected my relationships and led me to leave college my senior year. These events made me realize I couldn’t take the pill because having a clear mind was more important than easy periods.

I traded hormones for drugs, a.k.a Midol because anything that relieved my pain was worth it. I wasn’t considering the harmful effects Midol was having on my body when I should have.

After two years of bliss, no hormones and bearable cramps I ended up falling in love but that meant I’d have to start a birth control contraceptive. I ended up trying the Nexplanon implant because it releases less hormones and sounded like a safe route. But that wasn’t the case,

I ended up styling my hair with scissors and telling my boyfriend to take his razor to chop off the back of my hair!!

I felt defeated by my period and sexual desire until I learned about the IUD, a non-hormonal contraceptive. Finally, I was practicing safe sex with a clear mind but I still had to find a solution for my unbearable cramps.

And finally an Aha Moment!

I recently had learned about CBD, a natural anti-inflammatory that has receptors in our uterus which help mitigate pain. So I decided to test it out on myself and felt relief!!  That's when Maxine Morgan was born, with one purpose, to beat periods without compromising your health and wellness.

 Maxine Morgan is an all natural, non-hormonal + non-toxic solution tailored for women by women who experience cramps, PMS, nausea, and bloating.