"Cannabidiol," also known as CBD does not have psychoactive effects and offers tremendous therapeutic benefits. Many individuals shy away from using CBD oil because they believe it has the same effects as cannabis but it is gaining much popularity for its non-psychoactive effects. If you've heard that CBD will get you "high," this is a common misconception.

There are over 60 active cannabinoids that contain essential vitamins and minerals such as; omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, and other phytocannabinoids like cannabichromene (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidivarian (CBCV), said to benefit an array of medical issues.

The reason why CBD is gaining so much popularity in the herbal supplement medicinal space is due to the fact CBD is non-addictive and contains 0% psychoactive effects. 

Where do you get CBD from?

You will begin to notice a few common CBD products, Full Spectrum, Isolate and Broad Spectrum. The two major sources of CBD oil are from hemp plants and cannabis plants. Recreational cannabis plants differ from industrial cannabis plants. Marijuana derived CBD have more THC than CBD and vise versa for hemp-derived. Cannabidiol products are sourced from industrial or domestic farms and contain less than .03% THC. For legality purposes hemp-derived CBD is legal in every state while marijuana-derived CBD differs state to state. 

What to look for when purchasing CBD?

It's very important to purchase CBD products that are sourced from industrial farms with organic practices or organic certified. To ensure safe consumption look for Non-GMO, pesticide free, bacteria- free, and third party tested, which detects residue of harsh metals. 

Extraction Method:

CBD is extracted from the stalk and stems of the plant by using either of these two safe methods: Ethanol, and CO2. Using these techniques will produce the cleanest and safest way to consume CBD. 

CBD can be broken down with different temperatures and pressure to formulate various strains of CBD products. Once you're left with the final product the taste is rather strong and earthy so it's mixed with a carrying oil to mask the flavor or help with it's bioavailability. 

How Does CBD Work?

CBD oil is able to function in the human body because the human body comprises of receptors which bind to cannabinoids. This system is referred to as endocannaboid system. This network of receptors is responsible for immune function and pain perception.

CBD oil is so effective that it neutralizes the effect of THC, the compound which makes cannabis users ‘high’. THC causes anxiety, depression and stress. CBD oil does the opposite. CBD oil is a very safe medicinal oil so be rest assured that you might not be plagued with issues like toxicity even if you overdose. After it has been extracted, CBD oil can be taken orally or added to cooked food or it can be inhaled through vaping.