What Is Hemp And Is It Really That Good For You?

Contributor: Sarah Bluver

Sometimes, PMS isn’t all that bad…cramps can be easily cured with two quick Advil’s. But then there are those other times- those unpredictably sporadic periods accompanied by physically debilitating pain, frequent sprints to the bathroom, seemingly endless nausea and fatigue, and uncontrollable, all-consuming anxiety. When you have that kind of period, attempts at alleviating your pain with something like Advil or Midol prove to be futile.

Too many people fail to recognize this issue; periods aren’t always consistent, and PMS manifests differently in individuals based on genetics, body composition, and sometimes, for no apparent reason at all.  A singular medication cannot possibly be used to treat the various intricacies of PMS, which is why you should try Maxine Morgan next time you have one of those periods.

Maxine Morgan’s Flow Formula is a vegan friendly, Hemp-based mixture that can be used to address a multitude of PMS symptoms. If you aren’t sure about Hemp, it’s an all-natural plant compound with significant therapeutic attributes. When accurately dosed, it synchs with bodily functions and can provide relief for both the physical effects of PMS- namely chronic pain, bloating, and inflammation- as well as the psychological conditions like anxiety and feelings of depression.

There is no singular cure for PMS, especially when your symptoms exist both internally and externally in different parts of the body. But loading yourself with multiple medications to address each symptom can be physically damaging, particularly on the liver. Instead, Hemp presents a much safer option. Although relatively new, the therapeutic properties of Hemp have been confirmed by scientists who have called it a plant-based, natural, and non-addictive substance.

Give the Flow Formula a try yourself! You have nothing to lose (other than pain during your next period).